Welcome to my website!

My name is Raed, I`m an Animator and CG Generalist

My taste


My specialty is rigging and animating, I have very good knowledge of  this specialization, I enjoy working of the characters / Machines animation.. I do a job of the small details such as detailing the facial expression, bodies, Robots and Camera. I  animate the objects in special movement of animation style, I know all the styles of animation such as cartoony, realistic,  game and stiff animation......etc.

Cinematic Codes

I'm a film analyst and innovator in the Film codes and Cinematography. The composition of the witness according to the dramatic context of the film and creativity in the development of the code in a new way to produce an integrated creative film: years of experience in reading and education in the art of film industry.

CG Generalist

I enjoy work with 2D & 3D animation for Televion and Digitally animated films. I enjoy work with Compositing " Digital Environment Painting, Matte Painting, VFX, SET Extension, Motion graphics, Match moving, 2D /3D Tracking/ Planer Tracking, Explosions, Chroma Keying / Green screen, Action Elements, ...... etc. "