Character Rigging - in MAYA

Rigging is a crucial step in character development and animation.

We're going to do the BodyRigs.

1) Creating Skeletons : 

Skeleton > Creat Joints > Reset Tool > Symmetry "off"

And than you are going to hop over to a side view, and selct your joint Tool  and creat your Joints.

Copy this whole joints chain and then move it over to the opposite side (Translate X).

Select all of these joints > hit control + D for Duplicate 

Rename your Joints 

Select all > Modify > Search and Replace Names

And you do it ;-) 

Position Arm bones (Another feature) 

Skeleton > Creat Joints > Reset Tool > Symmetry "X-Axis"

The feature is called "Projected Centering" in the Tool settings.

 joints is at the center of geometry 

Than Delete "symmetry Constraint"

Frist and Last Joints is not aligned, you can do an Orient Joint.

Select the frist Joint > Skeleton > Orient Joint Options > Edit > Reset Tool.

Select the last Joint > Skeleton > Orient Joint Options  > Select Orient joint to World.

Snap NURBS-Circle to Joint

Select Joint > Select Circle > Constrian > Parent > without Maintain offset > Apply

Controlling the hip "CTL_Circle with Joint"

Select Circle > Select Joint > Constrian > Point > Maintain offset: flag that one > Apply

Controlling knee direction

Select CLT Knee > Select ikHandle_Ankle > Constrian > Pole Vector > Apply.

Connecting body Controls

CLT_MAN >> CLT_Body  >> CTL_Pelvis > CLT_Hip_R & CLT_Hip_R.

Offset Parent Matrix 

Node Editor > Matrix >>> Transform > Delete Line > select CTL > Transform 0,0,0  

Connecting spine Controls 

SELEC  CTL Spine > Joint spine_1 > Constraint > Parent  (Without Maintain offset) > Add

FK and IK switch for Arm

FK : Parent CLT with Joint (Point and Orient "MainOffset" )

IK : Parent Shoulder CLT with Joint (Select CLT +Joint >    Point) . And for IK handle i want this IK handle to be a Child of my CTL..... IK Handel > under > CTL  

Cup of Rigs - in MAYA


Merge two or more NURBS Curves in Maya

Outliner > cmd + G /Create a new group > Display > shapes = flag that one >  select 2 NURBS and group >  

Write in the MEL commands :  parent -r -s > Enter > Display >  shapes unmarked.

Command line
Command line